Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Update - Roaming the land of Death (alpha V1.25)

Download - (6.1MB)

New class - Brute (for testing)
- Ability 1 is a a short range "melee" attack
- Ability 3 (aura) blocks enemy attacks
- Ability 4 (aura) regenerates health if below 70%
- Ability 5 (aura) bombards nearby enemies with damage
(auras have a bug where activating a different one will stop all)

Hunter Changes
- New sprites (not finished)
- Ability 5 (aura) marks enemies for bonus damage (possible bug)
- Ability 3 now locks-on to targets in a limited way
- Hunter abilities now have impact particles
- Abilities 3 and 7 now have particles

Weapon changes
- Weapons modified
- Weapon origins changed

Ability changes
- Auras will now drain mana when used
- Auras are persistent between rooms
- Shadow aura no longer returns mana
- Auras now have varied spawn limits
- Aura healing and damage modified
- Enemy attacks now have impact particles
- (spaghetti part 4) GUI now properly shows skillshots depending on abilities