Thursday, 21 August 2014

Roaming Death Alpha V0.99

Update notes

Google drive
game maker sandbox

Skeleton mages now have improved pathing
More paths added

Ice attacks now work as intended and slow more
Fire attacks now do more damage
Scientist ability 1 added but doesn't yet work as intended
Scientist ability 2 added and working
Scientist ability 7 added but currently has no functionality
Skillshots upgraded and no longer centre on the player

Torches upgraded
Day/night cycle upgraded

Bug fixed with day/night cycle
Weather GUI compacted
Day/night counter sprite upgraded

Title screen upgraded as always
Chest for first quest moved
Scientist weapon added

Known bugs
Skeleton pathing still not the best
Taser doesn't go off half the time on fist try
Scientist sprites still not finished

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Dev Blog - Roaming Death Alpha V1.0 (#2)

In the last dev blog I set some goals for version 1. I released 0.98, a minor revision recently to encourage testing and soon I will release another update - version 0.99. The highlights of this new version will be the scientist abilities and the rest of the enemy pathing upgrade.

I have been developing the first scientist ability for over a week, as it is quite different from the mage's first ability. It will be a claw-like projectile attached to your weapon that sends shocks of power when it hits an enemy, basically a taser rifle.

The second scientist ability didn't take too long to make. It is a deployable shield that will block all attacks for as long as it lasts (timed).

There are also changes to the day/night cycle, torches, and more bugfixes as always.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Roaming Death Alpha V0.98

Update notes

Download here


tentacle beasts now have improved pathing

-Ice mage

added ability 5 (aura)slowing passive now works almost as intended (against tentacle beasts only)
-Shadow mage

added ability 5 (aura)
stealth ability added (not yet fully functional)


Added ability icons and more sprites, not ready to test yet.


trainers have been added, talk to them for advice


first dungeon texturing updated (not final)
more dead tree sprites added
torches turn on at night
new main room added (very empty right now)

-Bugs fixed

ice mage path speed bug
damage bug
spawner bug (they now spawn again)quest text bugs

-Known bugs

mana regen is broken (regens too fast, not game breaking just too easy)No exits for the second dungeon or the main rooms