Sunday, 25 September 2016

Dev Blog - Roaming the land of Death (alpha v1.30)

I have been working on the new systems that I will be using to provide interesting ways to navigate the game world.
The first of these systems is shortcuts. I have an object that teleports the player when activated by the correct ability class, if the player has the required level.
Soon I will be  making some more content now that most of the effects are looking good.

Made some more floor tiles. some of them are for the first dungeons and some will be for future rooms.

Made teleporting easier/better, and opened the new area as a hub/teleporting zone.

Fixed some bugs and improved part of the map where the dark wizards are.

It took longer than it should have, but to got auto perspective tiling working for water and lava. This is quite good for the feel of the game as well as saving me wasting my time with spaghetti code.

 Fixed the bugs with auto tiling and added more to the dungeon. Tidied up a lot of the map, still more to work on. Currently the second level looks like a total mess.

This is probably the end of the 1.30 dev blog, it will be released shortly.