Thursday, 23 January 2014

Skeptic Master 2014 V0.1a Screenshots & Demo

I finally have a demo to show! (.exe, windows only)
Here's a link to the HTML5 version (only use if not running windows)

Dev Blog - Update

I have been experimenting with backgrounds in photoshop for the menus and screens in the game and I'm happy with the results so far, just a bit more tinkering and I'll have a demo ready. 

I still need to clean up some graphics and add the leveling system.  Although it will be a text based game I want to make the few graphics I have look good.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Dev Blog - Update

My new text-based project has been started and some initial progress has been made. It is not yet ready for a first alpha v0.1 demo, but maybe it will be soon.
If this project is successful, I can reuse the code to add better dialogues to roaming death or any other project I may start.

More progress, some GUI added, it is starting to get some interaction but still quite dull so far. More work needed to get a demo that is playable. First screenshots on the way once more progress has been made.

I ended up getting quite a bit done last night, and I continue to make progress today. The latest noteworthy feature is the quote system I added to the title screen. It shows a random skeptical quote from the ones I have put in it's database (around 20 so far) at startup, with a button to reroll for another one.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Dev Blog - Update

I have been thinking about the future of my game engine and some fresh ideas for games...
I may or may not continue to develop Roaming Death in the future, but I will be making more games soon using some of the same code.

I was running out of steam with Roaming Death, as I couldn't really animate the sprites without making them all 3d models and taking screenshots (that is what I would need to do if I wanted to continue the project later). I tried working with 3d modelling but I am really useless at it and as with a lot of things the best software is far too expensive.

The main idea right now is an educational topic in the strategy-simulation genre. The player must confront a believer of some sort of nonsense, and convince them to re-examine their belief. This would be a text-based game with lots of dialogue, but much more realistic in scope than a fully animated ARPG. More details in future dev blogs as I start development.

I have other ideas but first things first.