Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Dev Blog - Roaming Death Alpha V0.85 (#3)

A lot of new features added with this version. I was thinking of posting the update on the 10th, but it still needs a bit of work so I'll do it in a few days. There is a preview with most of the new features available now.

I experimented with pets for a while, and almost got them working but they will not be in the 0.85 game.

I added sprites for defeated skeletons, and added randomised loot-bags for drops in 3 variants: common, uncommon, rare. I also made a money system, but it is not in this preview as I need to put in the GUI for it.

Get the 0.85 preview

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Skeptic Master Alpha V0.2a

Get the new version here.

Patch notes

- Added in-depth dialogues (v1.0)
- Upgraded naming system and categorisation (v1.0)
- Improved title screen etc.

It may not look like much but this is actually a major update.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dev Blog - Roaming Death Alpha V0.85

A much needed patch for Roaming Death is coming soon... next week in fact. I've been making steady improvements today, so the following will be a brief list and discussion.

- Health and mana GUI rework (again)

Yes I have improved it again. This time it will have a nice textured look to it, and a border that isn't glitchy. Even the accuracy of the circles, and the font have been updated.

- Ability GUI border added

The abilities were looking pretty plain and boring, and there was a gap for the ones that haven't been made yet, so now there will be a background and border for the whole ability bar.

- Font and button touch-ups

The main menu buttons were terrible I admit, so I fixed that little problem and tidied up the font so it all looks the same.

- Improved menu background (again)

Speaks for itself this one... I improved it with some more gradient tool.

ETA on this update is 10th February, so I'll see what else I can get done this week and do another Dev blog if needed.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Dev Blog - Skeptic Master v0.2a

Some very significant changes coming to Skeptic Master soon as I approach version 0.2a. Lets go over some of the improvements in the latest alpha test.

- Added NPC categorization, which improves naming and adds variety

There are now 4 distinct types of person to talk to, each with unique (hidden) stats that change their behavior. More types planned for future updates. I have also added many new names and removed some of the old ones.

-  Improved topics and topic selection

More topics and more in-depth dialogue for topics, custom topics for different types of person. Different sources for topics coming next patch.

Skeptic Master V0.2a ETA: Feb 4-5