Thursday, 25 August 2016

Update - Roaming the land of Death (alpha v1.2)

Download (6.1MB)

Ability damage (spaghetti code rewrite part 3)

- Every ability now has its own damage value
(you don't want to know what it was before)
- Ability damage coded to be easy to change
- Light ability 4 now fires its secondary projectiles
- Damage values changed for most abilities (mostly buffed)
- Aura abilities no longer get stuck in trees
- Ability impact particles updated
- Ability type parents created

New class - Hunter (beta)

- Ability 1 fires an arrow
- Ability 2 fires 3 arrows
- Ability 3 fires a healing arrow
- Ability 7 fires an explosive arrow

Weapon update

- Weapons now have aiming sprite
- Depth fixed

Pet update

- Health now drawn in GUI
- GUI now includes text indicating the pet and it's level
- Pets can now level up
- Armour stats added
- Health buffed
- Upgraded pets now fire elemental abilities


- Shadow ghosts are now partially transparent
- New tentacle beast variant
- Player now has an armour value

Known bugs

- Enemies sometimes path towards the edge of the map then come back due to a pathing fail-safe


Friday, 19 August 2016

Update Notes - Roaming the land of Death (alpha v1.15)

Download (6.1MB)

NPC update
- Merchant now works, sells full health and mana recharges
- Trainers have more information
- NPC names are now drawn in GUI layer
- Merchant added to checkpoint area

Boss update
- New health bar style
- Random name generator v1
- Enemy HP text moved
- Parent made for bosses and boss abilities
- Test bosses added to the map
- Bosses now drop an improved mana pickup

Armour update
- Armour is now % damage reduction
- Updated most mobs armour values

Spaghetti code rewrite part 2
- All abilities now transitioned to the rewritten system
- Removed  all of the old system and associated objects
- Fonts are consistent again
- Filled in ability gaps with random abilities from other classes
- Mana costs are now shown on GUI, and coded to be easy to change

- Can be tested but not fully ready
- Health pack now works
- Ability 4 added, no effect but it looks cool

- Crypt entrance sprite updated
- Map updated slightly

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Update Notes - Roaming the land of Death (alpha v1.1)

Download (7MB)

Particle overhaul

- New particle systems made for snow and rain effects
- Updated particles for falling leaves in autumn
- Updated aura particles and colours
- Updated ability particles and colours
- Updated loot beam particles
- Updated spawner particles (unfinished)
- Depth fixed for most particles

Old code rewrite

- Health regeneration works again
- Mana regeneration changed
- Shadow mage aura no longer heals past full hp
- Healing spells no longer heal above full hp
- Regeneration now scales with level
- Health and mana scaling changed
- Enemy health bars are now drawn in GUI layer
- Tentacle beast pathing changed
- Cooldown system rewritten
- XP bars now consistent between classes


- Ledge sprites added to lava pits
- Decreased the size of loot bags
- Modified loot system to not roll over after 99. Instead, loot currency will be used for different things depending on its value

Known bugs

- Invisibility sometimes gets stuck on
- Possible error related to enemy pathing