Sunday, 24 November 2013

Game Update - Alpha V0.50

Patch notes

- Added subclass: shadow mage

- Abilities and enemy ranged attacks now have range.
- Abilities 1 & 2 are now instantly cast when pressed.
- Enemy health value appears once damaged.

Download V0.50

Screenshot 10

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Game Update - Alpha 0.4.5

Patch notes

- Added subclass: light mage

- Text is now in bold
- Enemies have a new sprite
- Enemies now have more paths
- Enemies now require 2 hits to kill

- Fixed dungeon door bug
- Fixed XP bar bug
- Fixed respawn bug
- Other small bugs

Download V0.45

Screenshot 9

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Game Update - Alpha V0.41

Patch notes:
- Enemies now shoot at you!
- Enemies move in a circle
- Dungeon door sprite changed

Known bugs:
- Dungeon door collision box too big
- XP bar still broken for fire mage
- When dying in the dungeon, you respawn in a bad place

In progress:
- Enemy health system
- Better enemy sprites
- Another mage subclass

Download V0.41

Screenshot 8

Monday, 18 November 2013

Game Update - Alpha V0.4

Patch notes:
- Regen now counts by 1 instead of 2
- Fixed major cooldowns bug
- Fixed cooldown timer text bug
- Improved Hp and mana display
- Added sprites for fire spells
- Map updated
- XP bar now works (ice mage only)
- There aren't enough enemies to level up
- Added basic teleporter
- Improved lava
- Added smoke when lava and trees collide
- Day/night cycle removed

Download V0.4.0
Screenshot 7

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Game Update - Alpha V0.39

Engine codename - Captain Plays' Move Maker

Patch notes:
- Added another ability
- Added subclass select
- Fixed cooldown and resource bug
- Improved spell effects

Known bugs:
- Fire mage spell display looks like ice
- XP bar still broken

Download version alpha 0.39 from my google drive

Screenshot 6

Game Update - Alpha V0.35

Patch notes:
- Added crude day/night cycle
- Added title screen and class select (1 class available)
- Added spell effects for ability 1&2
- Added mage class sprites
- Added XP bar display
- Improved HP and Mana display
- Improved cooldown system

Known bugs:
- XP bar broken
- Ability cooldowns + resources reset when changing rooms

Not a bug:
- Ranger class unavailable

Download version alpha 0.35 from my google drive
Screenshot 5

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Game Update - Alpha V0.3

Patch notes:
- Implemented mana and health regen
- Improved mana and health UI
- Implemented ability cooldown system
- Added 2 new abilities and projectile system

Download version alpha 0.3 from my google drive

Screenshot 4

Game patch - v0.22

Patch notes:
- implemented health, mana and first ability GUI
- map updated
- text GUI modified
- first ability particle and sprite added

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Game Update

I have been working on the game some more. I'll call the new version v0.2 and here are the "patch notes".
-Implemented 8-way movement and sprite support (6/8 sprites ready)
-fixed movement and audio bugs
-textbox GUI now works
-chest and ladder added
-map retextured