Saturday, 21 December 2013

Dev blog - Alpha 0.85

This is the second dev blog, and I'll be talking about the changes coming to the next version of the game. We've already had the 0.8 update this week but I thought I'd do another one to introduce the first version of the boss of the tutorial. I'll either do multiple small updates, or multiple dev blogs building up to a bigger update.

I have just put in the code for the boss object, it's movement (following you), and it's spawner. I have only a basic attack on it right now, with 50 range. It only has a few sprites so far and it carries a large maul or greathammer. Current heath value is 900 but that may be increased in future versions.
I'm now working on getting the attack for the boss working with multiple animations.

I've made some other minor improvements which I'll leave for the full patch notes in a day or two.
Patch Alpha V0.85, coming soon™

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Game Update - Alpha V0.8

Patch notes

- Quests 1 & 2 added text and GUI
- Graves now have a destroyed sprite

- Current level and XP GUI improved
- XP needed to gain levels increased by 50 per level
- Dungeon textures updated (not final)
- Mana regen now increases when low on mana
- Skeleton sprites improved slightly
- Range and damage of skeleton casters increased to (300 from 250, 7 from 6)

Bugs fixed
- Fixed random teleporting glitch in the dungeon

Download V0.8

Sprite and GUI updates in 0.8

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Dev blog - Alpha V0.8

In this first edition of the dev blog I'll be talking about some of the additions coming to the game in the near future. This week I introduce the tutorial quests along with the usual minor changes.

Firstly, I am making some modifications to the GUI concerning the level counter and the xp counter. The level counter will now be at the bottom of the screen with  the xp counter, contrasted with a box.

The other thing I did was write the tutorial quest system. The first quest will be cleansing the infestation of the first dungeon. Only then will the teleporter allow access to the next area.
The second quest is to destroy the 10 skeleton spawning graves. Once that is done you must face the boss.

I have yet to start work on the boss or his lair and the quest code that goes with it, however I can reveal that I am planning to make the boss use melee attacks and have the ability to chase you, which I hope will make fighting him interesting and challenging.

Patch Alpha V0.8, coming soon™ (probably tomorrow)

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Game Update - Alpha V0.75

Patch notes

- Mana pickups (instant 25 mana, 100% drop from skeletons)
- New enemy- skeleton ranger (fires arrows)
- Skeleton  Ranger spawner added
- More spawners added to the map
- Option to skip tutorial added to subclass select screen
- Added spawning effects to the skeleton spawners (purple for casters, red for rangers)
- 8X MSAA and vsync added on supported devices

- Skillshot aimers circle drawing precision increased
- XP bar GUI improved
- Map improved
- Skeleton caster spell effect improved
- Generation of random chance randomised each game (enemy paths, tree sprites, spawner type, arrow speed), so every game is different
- Changed attack speed and range of casters

Bugs fixed
- XP after level up now continues normally

Edit: other changes...
- Mana regen doubled for survivability at the end
- Eye mob particle effect now orange

Edit: future content
- The tutorial boss fight
- The tutorial quest (destroying the spawners)
- The gate/teleporter to the next level

Download V0.75

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Game Update - Alpha V0.7

Patch notes

- 2 cheats added to the options menu- infinite mana and no cooldowns
- New enemy- skeleton! (uses fireball, will be changed next patch)
- Skeleton spawner added
- More mob camps added to the map (more of this next patch)

- Enemy health display improved
- GUI improved
- Skillshot aimers improved (not final)
- Map slightly improved
- Level indicator modified

Bugs fixed
- Dying works again after breaking some time ago
- Skillshot aimer for ability 3
- Junk graphics near the XP bar
- Health and mana now increase with level-up
- Health and mana now refill on level-up

Known bugs
- Quickcast is for my own use, I recommend using standard settings
- Quickcast doesn't work for abilities 3 & 6
- No skillshot aimer for ability 6
- Don't enable SFX, trust me on this

Improved skillshot aimers
Skeleton spawner

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Game Update - Alpha V0.60

Patch notes

- Menu backgrounds
- Options menu
--SFX option
--Advanced display option
--3 Control options
---Standard controls are: mouse to aim (skillshot),space to aim/fire, numbers to select
---Quickcast controls are: numbers/mouse to aim/fire/select (skillshot)
---Classic 8 controls are: WASD to aim, space to fire, numbers to select

- Better terrain textures
- Tutorial modified

Known bugs
- Classic controls still have skillshot aimers
- Previous button in class select leads to options menu
- Depth and collisions need work
- Ability 3 not working with quickcast
- Ability 3 has skillshot aimer (it isn't a skillshot)

Download Roaming Death V0.60

Screenshot 11

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Game Update - Alpha V0.50

Patch notes

- Added subclass: shadow mage

- Abilities and enemy ranged attacks now have range.
- Abilities 1 & 2 are now instantly cast when pressed.
- Enemy health value appears once damaged.

Download V0.50

Screenshot 10

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Game Update - Alpha 0.4.5

Patch notes

- Added subclass: light mage

- Text is now in bold
- Enemies have a new sprite
- Enemies now have more paths
- Enemies now require 2 hits to kill

- Fixed dungeon door bug
- Fixed XP bar bug
- Fixed respawn bug
- Other small bugs

Download V0.45

Screenshot 9

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Game Update - Alpha V0.41

Patch notes:
- Enemies now shoot at you!
- Enemies move in a circle
- Dungeon door sprite changed

Known bugs:
- Dungeon door collision box too big
- XP bar still broken for fire mage
- When dying in the dungeon, you respawn in a bad place

In progress:
- Enemy health system
- Better enemy sprites
- Another mage subclass

Download V0.41

Screenshot 8

Monday, 18 November 2013

Game Update - Alpha V0.4

Patch notes:
- Regen now counts by 1 instead of 2
- Fixed major cooldowns bug
- Fixed cooldown timer text bug
- Improved Hp and mana display
- Added sprites for fire spells
- Map updated
- XP bar now works (ice mage only)
- There aren't enough enemies to level up
- Added basic teleporter
- Improved lava
- Added smoke when lava and trees collide
- Day/night cycle removed

Download V0.4.0
Screenshot 7

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Game Update - Alpha V0.39

Engine codename - Captain Plays' Move Maker

Patch notes:
- Added another ability
- Added subclass select
- Fixed cooldown and resource bug
- Improved spell effects

Known bugs:
- Fire mage spell display looks like ice
- XP bar still broken

Download version alpha 0.39 from my google drive

Screenshot 6

Game Update - Alpha V0.35

Patch notes:
- Added crude day/night cycle
- Added title screen and class select (1 class available)
- Added spell effects for ability 1&2
- Added mage class sprites
- Added XP bar display
- Improved HP and Mana display
- Improved cooldown system

Known bugs:
- XP bar broken
- Ability cooldowns + resources reset when changing rooms

Not a bug:
- Ranger class unavailable

Download version alpha 0.35 from my google drive
Screenshot 5

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Game Update - Alpha V0.3

Patch notes:
- Implemented mana and health regen
- Improved mana and health UI
- Implemented ability cooldown system
- Added 2 new abilities and projectile system

Download version alpha 0.3 from my google drive

Screenshot 4

Game patch - v0.22

Patch notes:
- implemented health, mana and first ability GUI
- map updated
- text GUI modified
- first ability particle and sprite added

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Game Update

I have been working on the game some more. I'll call the new version v0.2 and here are the "patch notes".
-Implemented 8-way movement and sprite support (6/8 sprites ready)
-fixed movement and audio bugs
-textbox GUI now works
-chest and ladder added
-map retextured

Friday, 4 October 2013

Pre-alpha screenshot of unknown game

Screenshot #1.
The trees are the main feature in this early stage, the sprites are randomised in an attempt to look convincing. Most of the other sprites and tiles are placeholders until I find something better.

Still no ideas for a name or story elements but I will think of something as soon as the engine is more developed.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

I see the blog has been neglected of late. I have been doing something... not very much but I have started a game project and I may release pre-alpha screenshots and video captures soon.

This will be a revival of a game I started years ago with gamemaker, only now I have more of a clue about how to use it and I can get past the planning stage of development

Monday, 27 May 2013

New LoL video up

Uploaded another LoL video the other day. It is a better edit than the last one and has music with it.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

LoL vid + more coming soon

Made a new vid about LoL... so yeah watch that.

I recently bought the game "Sacred 2: fallen angel" and I've been playing it for a few days. I really like it and am gearing up to make a video of it. I'm not sure whether to go ahead now or wait until I have more broadband to download the patches, which will fix quite a few bugs. Anyway, based on my experience with this game I'm planning to instabuy Sacred 3 when it comes out.

I may just wait a few days, possibly make another LoL vid in the meantime. Stay tuned.

Edit: forgot to mention I got a Steelseries Qck mass mousepad and it's friggin awesome.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

New video and updates

Alright, got a couple of updates. First off, I have some new hardware. Got an LG 24" IPS full HD display, and a Roccat Isku FX backlit keyboard. This should hopefully make me more productive.

As a demonstration of my new found productiveness thanks to this hardware, I have released a new video, Hunted - The Demon's Forge gameplay, and as a bonus I also uploaded an old video I made months ago but never released, LOTR Conquest gameplay. More videos coming whenever I get around to making them, as always.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Updates and Plans

OK, here's the thing. Finally got SLI 550ti setup working (had to buy a new PSU and SLI bridge). Runs well, gets smooth FPS in all my recent games. Couple of interesting things happened. One is that my keyboard is now very dodgy because I suspected a broken cable so I dismantled it and stripped out the suspicious part, only I lost 2 of the screws that hold it together in the critical place where the ribbon cable joins so it now often doesn't make the connection, resulting in a few keys not working at times. the second thing is that one of my RAM sticks failed. I should send it away for a replacement, but I don't think it's worth it, I'll just get something else. Anyway it isn't critical in that my computer still works.

With that garbage out of the way, on with the video updates. Got some things planned but still don't know if I want to continue with the current style or start doing commentary based stuff (got a new headset). I have a feeling that right now I like the current style but need to make other things that are more interesting, like science and tech news. I know there are many people already doing this but I would only include the things that I find interesting and just try to bring news from many sources together and condense it into one perhaps fortnightly video. I'm just putting ideas out there at this point but I think it would be a fun challenge.

I recently discovered a website called the skeptic's guide to the universe, and I can really relate to their way of thinking. The podcast archive is really interesting with a new podcast every week where basically a group of sceptics talk about current events and other things.

I found out that game publisher THQ is going bankrupt or something, but they sold metro: last light and it's still going to be released, possibly in March.

So yeah, stay cool and I'll keep my ear to the ground and see what I can dig up in the way of exciting things to make videos about.