Monday, 4 February 2013

Updates and Plans

OK, here's the thing. Finally got SLI 550ti setup working (had to buy a new PSU and SLI bridge). Runs well, gets smooth FPS in all my recent games. Couple of interesting things happened. One is that my keyboard is now very dodgy because I suspected a broken cable so I dismantled it and stripped out the suspicious part, only I lost 2 of the screws that hold it together in the critical place where the ribbon cable joins so it now often doesn't make the connection, resulting in a few keys not working at times. the second thing is that one of my RAM sticks failed. I should send it away for a replacement, but I don't think it's worth it, I'll just get something else. Anyway it isn't critical in that my computer still works.

With that garbage out of the way, on with the video updates. Got some things planned but still don't know if I want to continue with the current style or start doing commentary based stuff (got a new headset). I have a feeling that right now I like the current style but need to make other things that are more interesting, like science and tech news. I know there are many people already doing this but I would only include the things that I find interesting and just try to bring news from many sources together and condense it into one perhaps fortnightly video. I'm just putting ideas out there at this point but I think it would be a fun challenge.

I recently discovered a website called the skeptic's guide to the universe, and I can really relate to their way of thinking. The podcast archive is really interesting with a new podcast every week where basically a group of sceptics talk about current events and other things.

I found out that game publisher THQ is going bankrupt or something, but they sold metro: last light and it's still going to be released, possibly in March.

So yeah, stay cool and I'll keep my ear to the ground and see what I can dig up in the way of exciting things to make videos about.