Saturday, 25 March 2017

Update - Roaming the land of Death (alpha v1.4)

Misc + bug fixes
- Improved performance since last version
- Merchant offers reiki
- Dungeon tiles updated and pillars added
- Walls and pillars have sfx
- Pathing updated
- New Cryomancer ability that shoots ice spikes
- Power-ups spawn in the dungeons (only blue works)
- Water tiles updated
- Inventory, power-up bar, score display- disabled until working
- Name change dialogue no longer shows up in game (bugfix)
- New fire tentacle beast with a special attack
- New brick path added and map altered
- Fireball sfx added
- Auto mapping grass
- Weapon upgrade merchant (upgrades are cosmetic only right now)
- Depth improved for walls
- Rock decorations added
- Dark ground textures improved

Dev Blog - Roaming the land of Death (alpha v1.4)

Why have I not updated recently?
I have upgraded my computer from an AMD 990X and Phenom II x4 955 3.2+, to an Intel i7-4770 3.4-3.9 and H97 board. The transition was delayed by operating system and hard drive problems, but I now have Windows 10 installed on an Intel 330 SSD.
I was able to make progress on design and level ideas while that was happening.

I delayed releasing a new version because I felt there were too many bugs and too little progress. But now some good progress has been made, particularly in the areas of texture and map work.

What are the plans for the release of the new version?
Improved textures. There is a pattern here... the textures are always in need of improving. I got rid of the variance in ground textures and just made them better. I made grass auto spawn on regular ground, making mapping easier. Improved path tiles have been added, but they aren't perfect yet.

Randomly generated power-ups. This version will have cooldown reduction power-ups (blue).

Improved pathing for all enemies and minions. This means that I don't have to place the pathing points individually, they spawn themselves. Creeps will hopefully no longer walk over water/lava and through walls.

Removal of features that don't work. As someone has rightly pointed out, there are things in the game that have no functionality but are there to make it look better. I will strip them from the game until they work.

What are the plans for the version succeeding that?
I plan to add a new level that I have been brainstorming for a while. I may introduce a level key system so you have to unlock levels by completing quests. I will wait to reveal much more about it.