Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Dev Blog/Update - Roaming Death Alpha V1.0 (#3)

It has been too long since the last Roaming Death update so here is what I've been doing.
As always, fixing bugs is my number one priority.

Download! - 6.7MB

Bug fixes

Spawners have been a mess ever since I made them, so they are being fixed.

-They no longer spam particles creating unnecessary lag
-They have a limit on the total number of skeletons they spawn
-The mob spawn time scales with difficulty

Pets have a pathing update, not great yet but works OK.

-Path like regular creeps when path is available
-Attack sprite updated


Shadow mage has a new passive: a chance to summon a ghost on hit.
-Invisibility works as intended, except for an unknown bug
Light mage ability #4 added, needs some modification
Light mage ability #5 (aura) added: restores HP when falling below 50%

Balance changes

Skeletons nerfed xp drops - can't be farmed for xp.

Abilities scale with overall level. (needs work)

Ability scaling adjusted and armour stats added

Visual updates

The season system is being worked on and nearly ready to go. This allows me to improve the dynamism of the environment and is also important for my other game.

-Particles have been tweaked
-Ability sprites + icons were upgraded where necessary
-Ground textures are improved (change with seasons)
-All player and enemy units have el cheapo yscale animations
-Mage select screen characters rotate slower and fire abilities
-Tutorial quest improved