Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Roaming Death Alpha V0.86

Patch notes

-Added the fourth ability for the fire mage
-Added weather system (rain/snow/wind/clouds)
-Added day/night cycle
-Added torches (lit with fire mage)
-Added a slow to the ice mage abilities
-Added difficulty icons
-Improved difficulty scaling
-Improved hp/mana GUI
-Improved title screen
-Fixed some bugs from last patch (some remain...)

Get the updated game here.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Dev Blog - Roaming Death Alpha V0.9

Casual difficulty icon.

In this dev blog I will be explaining the direction that I will be going with Roaming Death, and what can be expected in the new version coming soon.

Environmental Effects

There will be a day/night cycle. I am also planning weather particle effects such as rain, snow, wind. These environmental changes will have an impact on the tactics of the game.

Power-up Bars

The bars will give extra effects to your skills, depending on the class. You can begin to power the bar by using your skills. Between 25-75% the initial buff is granted, at over 75% the buff is increased in strength significantly. For this to happen you will need to have an environmental advantage. For some examples, a fire mage gets a bonus from a windy environment, and a light mage gets a bonus in sunlight.

Difficulty changes

In the 0.8x versions I added a selection of difficulties, but I didn't do much to balance them so the higher difficulties weren't that big of a deal. I will try to balance it so newbies can learn to play and higher skill players can have a challenge.


- Day/night cycle (15/04)
- Rain particle (16/04)
- Snow particle (16/04)
- Clouds/wind (23/04)

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Roaming Death V0.852 & V0.853 bugfix

Download the new (bugfixed) version here.

Download the new buggy version here.

<Edit> Bugs discovered! Please wait while bugs are squashed...
<Edit 2> Bugs successfully squashed! (the major ones that I found)

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Roaming Death Alpha V0.85

Apologies for not posting in a long time. I am still very much alive and working on new updates.
An upcoming change for Roaming Death is a brand new font designed by me, which I will also have for download.

Below are the patch notes for the current version, but I can't link it yet because the AI is still broken making advancing to the second quest almost impossible.

Patch notes

-Added a burning effect to the fire mage's abilities
-Added a lifesteal effect to the light mage's abilities
-Added inventory GUI (press I to show, inventory not yet functional)
-Added coin GUI that displays when collecting coins and when I is pressed
-Added 6-difficulty selection (casual/normal/evil/maniacal/unbalanced/impossible)
-Added pets/minions (experimental)
-Added sprite for dead skeletons
-Added loot bags (3 variations) that contain coins
-Added range indicators to enemies (when hovered over),
and spawners (when walked into for the first time)
-Reworked all mage class player sprites
-Reworked all skeleton sprites
-Reworked health and mana GUI
-Reworked menu background
-Reworked buttons and fonts
-Reworked XP bar and tutorial text (still not perfect)
-Reworked mana pickup (sprite + effect)
-Improved grave sprites
-Improved AI (still not very good)
-Improved light mage projectile sprite
-Improved subclass select button for ice mage

More notes will be added soon, along with screenshots and download link.