Saturday, 25 March 2017

Update - Roaming the land of Death (alpha v1.4)

Misc + bug fixes
- Improved performance since last version
- Merchant offers reiki
- Dungeon tiles updated and pillars added
- Walls and pillars have sfx
- Pathing updated
- New Cryomancer ability that shoots ice spikes
- Power-ups spawn in the dungeons (only blue works)
- Water tiles updated
- Inventory, power-up bar, score display- disabled until working
- Name change dialogue no longer shows up in game (bugfix)
- New fire tentacle beast with a special attack
- New brick path added and map altered
- Fireball sfx added
- Auto mapping grass
- Weapon upgrade merchant (upgrades are cosmetic only right now)
- Depth improved for walls
- Rock decorations added
- Dark ground textures improved